The Order of Saint Maurice

THE ORDER OF SAINT MAURICE® has six levels. A nominee for the Order of Saint Maurice must have served the Infantry community with distinction; must have demonstrated a significant contribution in support of the Infantry; and must represent the highest standards of integrity, moral character, professional competence, and dedication to duty. The same medallion is used for each level, with an attachment that identifies the level.

LTC Marshall Hunt, 27th XO, 04 February, 2023.
COL Michael Murphy, former 27 BSTB CDR & BDE XO, 04 February, 2023.

10 December, 2022. Order of the Buffalo City Guards Ball. “The Buffalo Club”, NY

05 November, 2022. 27th Division Association Dinner, Syracuse, NY

MAJ (Ret.) Paul E. Hujer. Legionnaire.

LTC Kilgore with Maj Potter, in the Uvanni Room, presenting the OSM to Major Potter the 2-108 Bn S-3.
Major Potter’s loyalty, outstanding performance in every situation, combat experience, resilience, and love of country, is a true inspiration to the next generation of Warriors that fill our ranks. In every corner of his military career, he gave over 100% of his time and energy to accomplish the mission and never shirked a task. As an expert planner and tactician, he was a role model to all the leaders above and below, that served with him.
Throughout his career, Major Potter displayed profound humbleness and strength of character. He personified every trait of a tough Warrior and never forgot the long demanding history of the American Infantryman. 
March 21, 2022 Utica Armory

17 March, 2022. St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC.

MG Thomas Spencer, MAJ Andrew Prior, MAJ Michael Clifford, & MAJ Dermot Gavin

16 March, 2022. Lexington Avenue Armory, NYC

27th IBCT CSM Edwin Garris

Last week, Company I 108th Inf Reg. WWII Veteran Charles Edwin Dyer was presented the Order of Saint Maurice at Camp Mabry, Texas.  Edwin is 95 and fought with Company I on Leyte and Mindanao in the Southern Philippines, and served during the Occupation of Korea.  Here are some photos of the ceremony shared to us by the Texas Army National Guard. October 7th, 2021

September 1, 2020.
Last week Major Gary Clark, who has spent most of his military career in the 108th Infantry, most recently as the BN XO and Administrative Officer, was awarded the prestigious order of St Maurice. Maj Clark has now left the Iron Battalion and will surely better his next Unit.

LTC (Ret.) Paul Hernandez & LTC Vihinen. October 2018, Albany, NY.